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CDO uses eClosing software to get ahead of the market

When choosing an eClosing partner, Katherine looks for three things:

  • Whether the company is investor-backed
  • The company’s ability to recruit talent
  • The company’s eye for next-generation technology

This allows her to ensure the success of the technology initiatives that Assurance sets for themselves against their competitors.

Assurance has also been able to roll out the three phases of eClosings to her team and partners with full adoption–including hybrid, eNote and eVault, and remote online notary. With Snapdocs, Katherine’s been able to get her company ahead of the market.


Snapdocs “bats 1000%”

“We’ve recently rolled out a number of technology vendors at Assurance, and Snapdocs is by far my favorite and bats 1000% on all the things I look for in a technology partner…I cannot say how much we would not change vendors.”

– Katherine Campbell, Chief Digital Officer, Assurance Financial


Snapdocs’ partnership with Assurance has allowed Katherine to:

  • Ensure delivery, timeliness, quality, and a better borrower experience
  • Have an end-to-end digital closing experience
  • Stay competitive with (and ahead of) the market

With increased loan volume due to the pandemic in 2020, Assurance didn’t have time not to implement a digital closing solution. Assurance chose Snapdocs because of the ability to handle loan volume and every type of closing–wet, hybrid, and fully eClose with RON–which drastically improved their operational efficiency while delighting the borrower. The end-to-end digital experience has been vital in Assurance’s ability to get ahead of the market. Aside from a quick implementation and white-glove customer success experience, Assurance’s goal was to make the process more comfortable for the borrower. With Snapdocs, Assurance can now get to the secondary market faster and hold warehouse lines for a shorter period of time which results in significant savings.


Going digital with the mortgage process

One aspect that Assurance was most excited about was evolving each step of the mortgage process digitally–delighting borrowers and partners. Katherine feels that this gives Assurance a competitive advantage even from referrals via social channels and reviews. Assurance is attuned to the fact that today’s surprise and delight turns into an expectation tomorrow, so fulfilling borrowers’ expectations ahead of their competitors is vital to success.

For Assurance, proving ROI (return on investment) is crucial in the success of their business. One of the biggest impediments in proving ROI is the fact that the mortgage industry is fragmented. Partnering with Snapdocs has allowed Assurance to solve for fragmentation and scale digital closings across all parties involved (settlement, lenders, borrowers). 


Who is Snapdocs?

Founded in 2013, Snapdocs is the mortgage industry’s leading digital closing platform. With its patented AI technology and connected platform, Snapdocs is on a mission to perfect mortgage closings for all. ​Powering millions of closings a year, Snapdocs is leading the charge to modernize, streamline, and improve the mortgage process for lenders, borrowers, and settlement. Snapdocs is the only solution with a proven track record of creating a single, scalable process for every closing. ​Every day, over 130,000 mortgage professionals rely on Snapdocs to automate manual work and digitize paper processes that plague the industry. Snapdocs is a rapidly growing San Francisco based real estate technology company backed by Silicon Valley venture capital funds, like Sequoia, F-Prime Capital, Y Combinator, Founders Fund, and SV Angel.

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