Terms of Service

Last modified: January 12, 2014

Identity and User Accounts

The Snapdocs platform is made up of professionals from around the US. To maintain a high-quality workplace for all users, identity information associated with a Snapdocs User Account must be real and verifiable.

  • Only one user per account, and one account per user—accounts cannot be shared or duplicated.
  • Your logo and profile photo should be appropriate for a professional community
  • Your profile should not mislead or falsely imply a relationship with another company.


When working with a company or notary signing agent on the Snapdocs platform, you are entering into a direct agreement with that entity. Disputes over work performed and fees paid must be resolved directly between the signing company and the notary signing agent.

Contractor Payments

Payments for contract work performed by notary signing agents must be paid directly from the signing company to the contractor. The fee charged by Snapdocs for using the Snapdocs platform is seperate from any negotiated fees between the signing company and the notary signing agent.

Feedback and Comments on Notary Profiles

Feedback that is honest and objective contributes to a useful notary database. The best feedback focuses on the facts, while providing helpful information about the contractors.

We do not monitor, censor, or investigate feedback. However, on very rare occasions, we may delete feedback found to violate our User Agreement or the content guidelines below. Attempts to falsify feedback, manipulate, or coerce another user by threatening negative feedback are strictly prohibited, as is any offer to sell or buy services in exchange for positive feedback.

Feedback containing the following types of content may be removed or edited:

  • Spam, advertising or other commercial content
  • Political, religious, or social commentary rather than a genuine comment regarding the work experience
  • Profane, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, libelous, threatening or discriminatory language, or adult material


Contact us at support@snapdocs.com with any questions.