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What is eClosing?

Learn about what eClosings are and how they provide a faster, transparent, error-free process for all closing participants.

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eClose Definition

An eClosing (commonly referred to as a digital closing) is a mortgage closing where most or all of the process is electronic. Lender documents are digitized and automatically routed to all participants.

Within the Snapdocs eClosing software, borrowers can preview their closing package and eSign most or all documents prior to the closing appointment. The Snapdocs platform allows all parties to coordinate and collaborate through one fully integrated system.

Types of Digital Mortgage Closings

Digital Closing Types: You may hear terms like “wet,” “hybrid,” or “RON.” These are different digital closing types that indicate how many of the documents can be signed electronically (eSigned). Today, most lenders start with wet and hybrid closings–where a portion of the documents are eSigned. Snapdocs partners with lenders to scale wet and hybrid closings with the goal of ultimately achieving hybrid + eNote and full eClose (RON).

Wet Closing 

The borrower previews all closing documents within the Snapdocs platform, where they can identify potential errors before the closing appointment. The borrower then attends an in-person closing appointment, where they wet-sign (ink-sign) the full closing package.

Hybrid Closing

The borrower previews all closing documents and eSigns the majority of closing documents within the Snapdocs platform. The borrower then attends a short in-person closing appointment, where they wet-sign (ink-sign) remaining documents that require notarization.

Hybrid + eNote Closing

Hybrid + eNote is the same as a hybrid closing, with the addition of an electronic promissory note (eNote). Both the eNote and most closing documents are signed within Snapdocs’ eClosing Platform prior to the in-person closing appointment. This is commonly called an eMortgage.

Full eClose (RON)

The borrower completes the entire closing digitally. Similar to a hybrid + eNote closing, the borrower previews all closing documents and eSigns the majority of documents within the Snapdocs platform. Instead of attending an in-person closing appointment, the borrower attends a virtual closing with a notary to electronically sign any remaining documents that require notarization.



The Snapdocs eClosing Platform and white-glove support services are built to guide lenders through the stages of eClosing maturity—from wet and hybrid to full eClose.

eClosing Benefits

Lenders utilizing eClosings see upwards of $250+ saved per loan* and are able to achieve significant benefits when digitizing any closing type, including wet and hybrid loans.

Enhance Borrower Experience

Borrowers can preview documents and spend <15 minutes at the closing appointment, increasing customer satisfaction by +10pts NPS

Improve Team Efficiency & Decrease Costs

Save up to $250+ per loan* by increasing closing team productivity and reducing operational costs.

Reduce Risk & Eliminate Errors

Achieve 80% reduction in errors at the closing table, thanks to artificial intelligence, document preview, eSigning, and Closing Quality Control.

*Average of 10 Snapdocs lenders with annual origination volumes ranging from 10-250k.

Jeff Henkel

Jeff Henkel |SVP Closing Fulfillment at Taylor Morrison

“There are a number of eClosing providers to choose from. The key is finding the provider who shares your success story, and who partners with you to reach a common goal.

Snapdocs is a win-win. It’s a win for customer experience and it’s a win for efficiency.

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The Definitive Guide to Digital Closings

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