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Let borrowers close from anywhere with Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Turn convenience into your competitive advantage. Give borrowers a fast, convenient, and completely digital mortgage closing experience.

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RON Partners

Snapdocs partners with RON providers to offer full eClose capabilities to mortgage lenders and their borrowers. 

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Give your team the most effective RON solution

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One efficient process for every closing

Maximize closer and settlement efficiency with a single process for every loan type including wet, hybrid, hybrid + eNote, and RON. 

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A practical path to RON adoption

Snapdocs closely partners with lenders to build successful eClosing strategies. We recommend starting with hybrid closings and using a phased approach to implement eNote & RON. 

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Easily source a RON notary in the correct state

Tap into the industry’s largest network of 140k+ qualified notaries who commonly use Snapdocs for RON, mobile, & attorney closings.

RON solution

AI automatically prepares all documents for eSignature

Snapdocs AI automatically tags lender and title documents for eSignature, eliminating manual tasks for you and your partners.

RON solution

Flexibility to choose the right notary

Flexible notary configurations allow you to choose the right notary for any circumstance, including options to assign settlement as the notary, auto-assign your favorite notaries, or rely on Snapdocs to source a quality notary on your behalf. 

Automatically determine RON eligibility from within your LOS

Easily check that a loan is RON-eligible and eliminate the need for manual, time-consuming tasks. With the click of a button, Snapdocs quickly checks your loan's characteristics against RON criteria, including up-to-date state, county, and regulatory requirements. 

Snapdocs makes it easy to offer RON eClosings in locations and with investors where RON is accepted.



Snapdocs is a MISMO-certified RON provider



Tom Knapp | CIO of Waterstone Mortgage

“We have worked our way through hybrid closing, hybrid with eNote, and now full eClose with Remote Online Notary. There are many lenders, many much larger than us, who have not even started their eClosing project. We are thrilled to provide this improved experience for our customers and the title companies we work with in the loan closing process.”

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