Taking the Mystery Out of eNotes

Demystify, implement and adopt eNotes in your digital mortgage strategy

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eNotes are the future of the real estate mortgage industry, providing countless benefits for lenders, investors, and borrowers. Snapdocs is excited to welcome Mr. Cooper as the latest investor to join the Snapdocs eMortgage Quick Start Program, a collaborative, industry-wide effort to help lenders accelerate their adoption of eNotes. In today’s competitive market, lenders are embracing eNotes as a key strategy to help them reduce errors, increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction.  


In case you missed it, watch the replay to learn:

  • What makes eNotes different from paper notes and such an impactful component of digital closings
  • Why incorporating eNotes into your secondary market strategy can be a game-changer
  • How Mr. Cooper’s participation in the Snapdocs eMortgage Quick Start Program can make your journey to eNote adoption faster and easier



Peter W Headshot

Peter Wueger | AVP, Co-Issue and eMortgage Operations at Mr. Cooper



Chris Tomasevich | Manager, eMortgage Strategy and Industry Affairs at Snapdocs


Camelia Martin

Camelia Martin | VP, Industry & Regulatory Affairs at Snapdocs


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