Deliver eMortgages to Freddie Mac with the Quick Start Program

The first-of-its-kind program solves the common challenges lenders experience in making eMortgage part of their closing and post-closing processes.


The eMortgage Quick Start Program

The program offers tools and support needed to implement eMortgage technology, including:

The eMortgage Quick Start Program

Technology necessary to generate, store, manage, and transfer eMortgages that is agnostic to lenders’ existing point-of-sale systems (POS), loan origination systems (LOS), or doc prep providers.

The eMortgage Quick Start Program

A robust eMortgage implementation framework combined with expert professional services to enable lenders to not only implement but operationalize and scale their use of eMortgages.

The eMortgage Quick Start Program

Streamlined implementation processes between counterparties to reduce complexity and facilitate eMortgage approval and onboarding processes.

The eMortgage Quick Start Program

An e-Eligibility engine to help lenders determine precisely how digital each closing can be.

The eMortgage Quick Start Program

A forum to discuss the latest eMortgage developments and share best practices with other program participants.

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