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Better Mortgage: Differentiating the Homebuying Experience

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Digital Closing Results


minutes to find and assign a notary, reduced by 2.18 minutes since 2021


minute closing time


million saved between 2021 and 2022

Selecting the Right Partner to Differentiate the Homebuying Experience 

With the goal of providing the best customer experience for their borrowers, Better Mortgage needed a partner that could easily fit into their end-to-end digital mortgage experience–while accommodating for growth. It was also important to find a closing solution that offered a differentiated borrower experience. 

Upon implementing Snapdocs’ integrated Lender and Scheduling platform, Better now has a simple, transparent, and cost-effective way for borrowers to refinance their homes and become homeowners. 


“Working with Snapdocs has allowed Better to maintain and increase extremely high NPS’. When we've given customer hybrid closings, we've been able to share a quick and cost-effective way for customers to close loans. More than 99% of customers who start a hybrid closing on Snapdocs end up finishing it.”

Landy Liu, General Manager of Insurance


With one platform to encourage seamless collaboration between the customer and loan officer, and a Snapdocs network of 50K settlement offices and 140K notaries to leverage, Better now has a 99% hybrid success rate and is growing volume on Snapdocs 12X YoY. 


“Snapdocs brought transparency into the closing process which helps our operations team execute efficiently so customers are successful, faster. Better is a large national lender, and leveraging Snapdocs' notary and settlement network gives our customers the best possible experience.”

Landy Liu, General Manager of Insurance


Preparing for Scaled Adoption

One of the most valuable aspects to digital closings with Snapdocs is the immediate ROI that customers can realize. Upon launch, the Snapdocs and Better team worked closely to track the shifts in cost-savings and operational improvements that resulted. In looking at the data in 2022, Better experienced the following value:

  • Saved 2M+ printed pages
  • Decreased closing times to 30 minutes
  • Decreased clear to close to fund by 1.5 days
  • 8 days faster fund to purchase, double the speed than in 2021
  • Notary assignment time decreased to 6.1 minutes

Translating these internal process improvements into dollars shows that Better saved $519 per hybrid Snapdocs file (up 8% since 2021) and a total of $6.64 million saved between 2021 and 2022.


While these metrics are critical for Better’s functional business, the improvements also had an important impact on their customer experiences. Immediately after launch in 2021, Better saw NPS scores increase by 10 points, with 99% positive reviews out of 6,000 total.


“Often, you see that things get worse with broad growth and a fast roll out of new technology. That was not the case with Snapdocs. We saw that customers who completed a digital closing on Snapdocs had a 10 point higher NPS than those who closed in a traditional way.”

Landy Liu, General Manager of Insurance


Creating a Shared Vision

A critical reason Better realized such a successful implementation was their close coordination with the Snapdocs team. Early on, Better made it clear that quality was key as a national lender. The Snapdocs Quality Assurance (QA) team is dedicated to reviewing errors in document packages and resolving any issues before a Better customer sees, while scheduling notaries is done at the highest caliber.

The Better team also worked with Snapdocs to integrate with ResWare (Title Production Software), which contributes to low title and settlement costs, decreasing customer costs as well. With a consistent process for title and settlement, customers can complete digital loans without long-standing relationships with local title companies.


“When we've given customer hybrid closings, we've been able to share a quick and cost-effective way for customers to close loans. More than 99% of customers who start a hybrid closing on Snapdocs end up finishing it.”

Landy Liu, General Manager of Insurance


Continuing to Grow Together

Snapdocs was founded on the knowledge that the closing process was fragmented, and it would take more than just eClose to create the experiences lenders expect and customers want. Soon after the initial launch, Snapdocs helped Better implement eNotes and RON as part of their eClose suite to offer a complete digital experience for customers. 


“From the time we started vetting eClose platforms two years ago, Snapdocs has been one of the best partners I've ever worked with. I have always felt like I was a priority for them, and they make everything so easy. This was a huge factor in deciding to work with them and remains a factor in the continuity of our partnership.”

John Moffat, Head of Sales at Better Mortgage


In true partnership, the Snapdocs product team continues to work with Better to build a more cohesive, differentiated, simple, and enjoyable customer experience. This includes adding AI-powered quality control capabilities between the Better proprietary platform and Snapdocs’ open API.


“With a seamless integration between Snapdocs, Better, and Better’s partners, Better has seen incredible efficiency gains and cost savings which go directly to the customers. But, even with the most digital mortgage experience, one bad notary experience will completely tarnish the relationship. That's why Snapdocs' notary network is so valuable: it ensures a consistent experience for customers.”

Landy Liu, General Manager of Insurance


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