Seamlessly integrate Snapdocs with your LOS

Set up the most efficient workflow for your closers, with codeless or API-based integration options for you to connect with any LOS.


Create a powerful, robust integration with the Closing API

Develop a seamless connection with your LOS, whether it’s a 3rd party system or a custom LOS developed by your organization.


The most efficient experience for your team

Automatically create closings and receive signed packages inside your LOS. Seamlessly handle redraws and document updates, receive status updates, and much more.


Simple setup and implementation

With detailed API documentation and white-glove support from your Snapdocs implementation team, you can integrate quickly and effectively.


Modern, developer-friendly API

The Closing API uses the industry-standard REST protocol, allowing you to efficiently develop your integration.


Enterprise-class security

The Closing API leverages access control, rate limiting, content validation as well as monitoring & analytics best-practices to help you ensure web API security across your tech stack.

Accelerate your time to market with our Universal Integration

Rapidly implement digital closings at your organization by leveraging our lightweight, codeless integration.

Quickly roll out digital closings at your organization, regardless of which LOS you use.

No resources? No problem. The Universal Integration can be set up quickly by any LOS administrator.

Whether you close hundreds of loans or thousands, the Universal Integration is ready to support all of your volume.

To create a closing, Closers simply send a templated email to Snapdocs from right inside the LOS.


Katherine Campbell | Chief Digital Officer at Assurance Financial

“New technology typically requires integration, training, and slow-growth adoption. Expectations of a quick-win are low even though the enthusiasm may be high. Well, not with Snapdocs. We went from a short integration period to 98% adoption in about a month. Customers and LO’s love it! A true win-win!”

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