MortgagebotLOS + Snapdocs Integration

Two best-in-class solutions delivering one centralized eClose workflow.


Finastra MortgagebotLOS & Snapdocs: A Powerful Pair

With the Snapdocs and Finastra MortgagebotLOS integration, lenders can easily facilitate digital closings in one centralized platform. This integration allows MortgagebotLOS users to quickly order and manage all closing documents within the MortgagebotLOS system, securely transmitting them to Snapdocs for a seamless digital closing experience.


Automate tedious and manual tasks

Eliminate time-intensive, error-prone tasks with AI-powered document processing, quality control (QC), and automated reminders. 


Work in harmony with your existing tech stack

Snapdocs connects to all mortgage participants and their tech stacks. Closing teams easily order and manage every closing, without leaving the Finastra system. 


One efficient process for every closing type

Standardize closers’ day-to-day operations with a single streamlined process for every closing type, including wet, hybrid, eNote, and RON.

Thumbs Up

Leave a lasting impression on every borrower

Borrowers preview closing documents prior to a short signing appointment, catching potential errors that can delay funding of the loan.

Integration resources

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Snapdocs & MortgagebotLOS Integration Data Sheet

Snapdocs & MortgagebotLOS Integration

The Snapdocs and MortgagebotLOS integration allows lenders to execute closings in one centralized workflow – using Snapdocs’ digital closing platform within the MortgagebotLOS platform.

Lenders can order required closing documents and data within MortgagebotLOS and securely transmit them to Snapdocs to initiate the closing process. The completed documents are then encrypted and returned to MortgagebotLOS for secure storage.

With the Snapdocs and MortgagebotLOS integration, lenders provide a true end-to-end digital mortgage process. The result is faster closing times, reduced operating costs, and an enhanced borrower experience.