Your Borrowers Want Digital Closings – But Are Their Loans e-Eligible? 

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As a lender, you know the “degree of digitization” matters because generally, the more you digitize closings, the fewer costs you incur. Additionally, the less time a loan takes to process, the better the experience for your borrower and the lesser likelihood of an error. That’s why lenders are maximizing the “degree of digitization” of their closings–a.k.a. their e-Eligibility.

During this webinar, industry veterans review the five factors that determine the digitization of each loan: county land recording, counterparty requirements, title underwriter requirements, settlement readiness and eNotarization. You’ll learn how these 5 R’s of e-Eligibility can be applied to optimize and scale your digital mortgage closings strategy.


What you’ll learn

  • The definition of e-Eligibility
  • The five R’s that comprise e-Eligibility
  • Six key obstacles to addressing eClosings
  • Guidance and tips from lenders who are empowering their team to implement eClosings


Learn more about e-Eligibility:

Curious how “e” your closing process can be? Get a complimentary breakdown of your entire loan portfolio that will help you determine how digitized each loan can be here.



Teri Pansing

Teri Pansing | VP of Corporate Closing at Fairway


Jonathan Kearns

Jonathan Kearns | VP of Technology at MISMO


Terry Chung

Terry Chung | VP of Business Solutions at CrossCountry Mortgage


AAmy Moses

Amy Moses | Senior Field Marketing Manager at Snapdocs


Camelia Martin

Camelia Martin | Head of Industry & Regulatory Affairs at Snapdocs

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