Snapdocs & BytePro LOS Integration Deep Dive

HubSpot Video

Selecting the right technology stack to automate closing processes is critical to fostering scaled eClose adoption, reducing costs, and improving the borrower experience. At Snapdocs, we believe a key to this challenge is delivering an open platform to lenders that integrates with any technology solution. 

That’s why we built an integration with BytePro, Byte’s loan origination system (LOS). The integration allows lenders to use the Snapdocs eClose platform without leaving the BytePro interface. The result is a more streamlined, efficient closing process that benefits all parties.

Join Snapdocs’ Senior Solutions Consultant, David Gregg, and Byte’s National Sales & Client Services Manager, Mark Todd, to see the latest integration features including:

  • Creating closings
  • Sending data and documents
  • Receiving signed docs and various statuses
  • Supporting full redraws



David Gregg

Senior Solutions Consultant at Snapdocs



Mark Todd

National Sales & Client Services Manager, Byte Software