Getting settlement adoption right is the key to achieving eClosings at scale

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getting settlement adoption right

eBook Overview

For borrowers, digital closings increase convenience and reduce the stress that borrowers feel when they see their documents for the first time at the closing table. For lenders, digital closing technology can automate most of their day-to-day tasks, freeing up their team to focus on providing borrowers a referral-worthy experience. 50% of lenders have purchased a digital closing solution in order to reap these benefits. However, lenders cannot achieve these results by purchasing and implementing a digital closing solution alone. In addition, they must ensure their settlement partners—who are ultimately responsible for conducting the closing— will adopt the technology and use it as intended. Without settlement’s buy-in, lenders struggle to scale digital closings.


What’s in the eBook:

  1. Strategies to increase settlement adoption of digital closings

  2. The two critical features that ensure adoption

  3. Lender and settlement success stories

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