Streamline Your Borrower Experience With the Snapdocs Point of Sale Integration

Snapdocs Point of Sale Integration Blog Post

At Snapdocs, we help lenders deliver the modern, referral-worthy closing experience their borrowers expect. Thanks to our brand-new point of sale (POS) integration, the borrower experience is about to take another big step forward.

This exciting new integration enables lenders to provide a seamless, branded experience to their borrowers from the loan application all the way through the closing. Now, instead of creating multiple logins to complete tasks in different systems, borrowers enjoy a consistent digital experience throughout the homebuying process. This is a simpler, more efficient borrower journey, which encourages your borrowers (and their realtors) to refer you more business.



How the point of sale integration works

The integration is available for both third-party systems and “homegrown” systems built by a lender’s internal product, design, and engineering teams. In either case, borrowers often begin their journey by getting pre-approved through a lender’s POS system. As the homebuying process unfolds, borrowers log into this same system to calculate their payment, apply for the loan, and more. When it’s time for the borrower to preview and eSign their closing documents, the Snapdocs integration guides the borrower to login through the same system — so the entire experience feels like it’s completed in one easy-to-use app.


Snapdocs simply sends the borrower an email, which takes them to the lender’s POS system. Using single sign-on technology, the integration allows borrowers to use the same secure username and password they created for your POS system to login and complete their closing in Snapdocs. If they’re already logged in, borrowers are automatically authenticated behind the scenes and sent to their closing in Snapdocs. If they’re not logged in, borrowers use the same secure username and password they created for your POS system to login and complete their closing in Snapdocs.


How to implement the point of sale integration

Internal IT resources are hard to come by for most mortgage lenders, so we’ve designed the integration to be powerful but lightweight. This helps lenders improve their borrower experience quickly, without kicking off a long technical project. LoanSnap, one of our tech-savvy clients based in southern California, integrated Snapdocs with their POS in two days and with one internal engineer.


“We pride ourselves on having built the easiest-to-use website for our borrowers. When they’re used to everything being simple and easy all the way through the mortgage process, it’s jarring to suddenly toss them into another system and have them create a new account for the closing. Being able to have borrowers go straight into Snapdocs, using our existing login system, and quickly eSign the closing documents has made the mortgage experience simpler for them,” said Allan Carroll, founder and CTO of LoanSnap.


Ready to get started?

The point of sale integration is available now to mortgage lenders using the Snapdocs Digital Closing Platform.

If you’re an existing Snapdocs customer, contact your customer success manager to integrate Snapdocs with your POS system today. If you’re a mortgage lender interested in closing more loans, at lower costs, while offering a truly referral-worthy borrower experience, please contact us. Our team will walk you through the ins and outs of digital closings and help identify key opportunities to improve the closing process for you, your settlement partners, and of course, your borrowers.

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