Lenders need a purpose-built eClose platform

Snapdocs is the only platform that connects all parties and technologies, and standardizes every workflow for every participant.

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Lenders need a purpose-built eClose platform

70% of lenders who have adopted eClosings have yet to achieve full adoption.

Why? Because most bolt-on digital closing technologies just offer add-on capabilities instead of solving for the complexity and fragmentation in the industry.

Snapdocs is the market leader in digital closings - we have the most lenders using digital closings and the most lenders operating at scale. With this experience, we know what it takes to succeed in digital closings - and it’s more than just technology.

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Katherine Campbell

Katherine Campbell | Assurance Financial

“We originally learned about Snapdocs from our escrow partners, who spoke highly of the company and the platform. “All 3 phases of eClosings in one solution. 1. Hybrid docs. 2. eNote/eVault. 3. RON. I literally dislike nothing about this platform. We’ve realized the incredible advantage of an eClosings solution is now critical as the consumer market is requesting it. Internally, it provides a single conversation between our company, the settlement company, and the client as well as a secure portal for the documentation. This is a no -brainer and an easy solution to buy into.”We liked that they have the ability to tag all of our documents. And they were a vendor that our escrow partners liked and were using, so I knew I would have the escrow acceptance.”

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