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State of Borrower Experience

Most lenders know that a superior borrower experience is essential to acquire repeat business and earn referrals from customers. Yet for borrowers, the mortgage process remains one of the most painful and anxiety-ridden parts of the home-buying process. New research from Snapdocs and STRATMOR Group uncovers the most common pain points borrowers go through the mortgage process.

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In today’s tumultuous market, lenders that are intentional about borrower experience guard margins, grow faster, and gain market share. Sign up here to learn how to take part in a customized, complimentary lender assessment* to learn how your organization can create a best-in-class borrower experience.


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MBA Webinar

How Mortgage Lenders are Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

Join Snapdocs and STRATMOR Group as we unpack the findings of valuable industry research and takeaways you can use to improve your borrowers’ experience and overall satisfaction.

Wednesday, August 31 (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET)

During this session you’ll hear: 

  • New research-based insights to assess and benchmark borrower experience throughout the mortgage transaction
  • The most-impactful levers that improve end-to-end borrower experience
  • How lenders can apply these findings to improve the end-to-end borrower experience, positively impact NPS scores, and compete with best-in-class peers
State of Borrower Experience


A birds-eye view of the common issues experienced in the mortgage transaction and how these issues impact overall borrower experience and Net Promoter Score.

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