Monthly Summary Emails for Notaries

Some notaries have recently received an email from Snapdocs with a summary of how they did in the previous month. These monthly summary emails are something new that we’re slowly introducing to notaries who use Snapdocs.

What are these monthly summary emails?

These monthly emails will give notaries a quick snapshot of how they did in the previous month. This can include how many signings you completed, how much money you made, and how many thumbs ups you received from companies and consumers you’ve worked with through Snapdocs.

If you received a thumbs up, or multiple thumbs ups, way to go! A thumbs up means a company or consumer thought you did a great job and will boost your ranking when companies are searching for a notary to work with.

As we continue to improve these emails, if there’s anything you’d like to see every month in the email, please let us know!

Why haven’t I received one of these emails from Snapdocs?

At this time, we’re still fleshing out the details of this email, so not all notaries will receive it.

However, if you’ve received a monthly summary email from us, we’d love to hear your feedback! You can share your thoughts with us at

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